Eyes in the Dark

Secret video files just discovered on an FBI server prove that the government has been hiding unexplained disappearances in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

The Eyes in the Dark trailer.

After a successful 2010 festival run, which included the Alabama International Film Festival, Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, the Fright Night Film Fest, the Killer Film Fest, and the Northwest Film Forum’s Local Sightings Film Festival, Eyes in the Dark is now available to watch for FREE on YouTube. It’s also available for purchase on DVD at Amazon.com.

A clip from Eyes in the Dark.

Eyes in the Dark is a feature-length independent horror film with a unique first person POV shooting style where the camera operator is also a character in the story. Produced by Seattle-based independent film company, Emerald City Pictures and hailed as “the Blair Witch Project of the Pacific Northwest” by Local Sightings.

Robyn acted as assistant director and script supervisor on the project during production in the summer of 2008. Marco was key set production assistant and played several acting roles in the film as well, most notably as the Beast. In post-production, Robyn edited the first rough cut of the film and put together the film’s trailer. After graduating from film school in June of 2009, Robyn began editing the film full time. She also took on the roles of sound designer and compositor for the film at this point as well.

Eyes in the Dark editing featurette interviewing Robyn, also edited by Robyn.

Because of their outstanding work on Eyes in the Dark, both during production and post-production, Robyn and Marco were asked to take producer credits for the film and to become board members of Emerald City Pictures.

In early November of 2009, Emerald City Pictures screened the film at the RendezVous in downtown Seattle to the cast & crew and a handful of other media professionals. Among the audience members was Jeff Walls, Seattle Film Buff writer for the Seattle PI Blog. He gave the film a great review and singled out the film’s editing as being especially exceptional:

“The film was edited together really well and the blips and glitches added to the video felt authentic.”

To read the entire article, go here.

KUOW logoIn March 2010, Robyn and Marco were interviewed by KUOW’s Amy Radil about Eyes in the Dark, and how the Recession can give people more time to spend working on creative projects. To listen to the story or read the transcript, go here.

In March 2011, Robyn and Marco again did a radio interview, this time live on the air, for the DVD release of Eyes in the Dark. To listen to the entire uncut 15 minute interview, click the video above.

The official Eyes in the Dark music video, “Away” by S.Y.F.T.
Directed by Marco, edited by Robyn.


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