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Ab Slammers!
November/December 2010

Robyn Scaringi • Producer, Editor
Marco Scaringi • Executive Producer

This video was the winning infomercial for the Grassroots Make Your Own Infomercial contest. It was the #1 fan pick on Facebook, and was personally selected as the winning infomercial by Stephen Gyllenhaal. A clip from this video appeared in the 2012 feature film Grassroots, directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, and starring Jason Biggs. More info about Grassroots at their official website.

Ab Slammers Banner

More Info About the Video

This infomercial is featured in the movie Grassroots during a scene when Jason Biggs’ character is feeling down & out and he’s watching TV. Click below to see Ab Slammers as it appears in the final movie.

For those of you who aren’t Seattle independent film gurus, Grassroots finished filming in the summer of 2010 with principal photography all shot in Seattle, the hometown of Scaringi Films. Grassroots is a political comedy about the 2001 Seattle city council election and monorail debate which stars Joel David Moore (from Avatar), Jason Biggs, Cedric the Entertainer, and Tom Arnold.


Picture of Robyn on the set of Ab Slammers

Robyn media managing on the set of Ab Slammers.

Stephen Gyllenhaal wrote comments for each finalist video while he was deciding on the winner. Here’s what he had to say about Ab Slammers.

Stephen Gyllenhaal wrote at 12:10PM on December 10, 2010
Okay. This “infomercial” is going to be hard to beat. Robyn Scaringi has done an excellent job here. Almost all of it – especially the graphics – feel completely believable. It goes wonderfully over the edge with our character, maybe just a hint too far here or there, but there is enough material (don’t forget the infomercial in the film will only run for a few seconds)…there is enough material to make a completely believable infomercial, which will also get a laugh from the audience. And I think that’s the key, to pull a little laugh out of the audience without them quite realizing they have had a joke thrown at them. This is an absolutely terrific and beautifully executed piece – a really great piece of film making (or should I say video making).

The way that Stephen Gyllenhaal and the Grassroots team decided to announce the winner was a little unusual, too. Check out this video and see how they went about it. (Yes, that is Donnie Wahlberg mispronouncing my name!)


Also, since you can’t really put credits in an infomercial, we thought we’d take the opportunity here to mention all the fantastic people who made this video happen.


Directors – Lionel Flynn, Olin Padilla
Executive Producer – Marco Scaringi
Producers – Robyn Scaringi, Lionel Flynn
Writers – Robyn Scaringi, Olin Padilla
Director of Photography – Lionel Flynn, Olin Padilla
2nd Camera – Mike Burns
Sound – Eric Noll
Motion Graphics, Composite, Design – Olin Padilla
Sound Design, Music – Lionel Flynn, Olin Padilla
Editors – Robyn Scaringi, Lionel Flynn
Dance Choreographer – Joselito Castillo
Production Assistants – Kjell Hansen, Anthony Ogle


Billy Slammer – Joselito Castillo
Janine – Katherine Grant-Suttie
Workout Girl #1 – Dani McKenzie
Workout Girl #2 – Meli Alexander
Workout Girl #3 – Nancy Frye
Body shots – Heidi Korndorffer
Body shots – Alaina Dale-Witter
Bland-o Woman – Sue Adams
Crunches Man – Kevin Ross
Man on stair machine – Eric Noll
Narrator – Olin Padilla

Special Thanks

South Side Dance Force
Sandy Cioffi
Sue Adams
Kevin Ross
Tony Scaringi

And a huge thanks to all of our family & friends, and the Grassroots fans on Facebook, for helping Ab Slammers win the Make Your Own Infomercial contest.

Click here if you’d like to watch the winning video on the Grassroots homepage, and see how some of the competing infomercials stacked up.