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Dirty Laundry

Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader  •  Narrative Short  •  Red Epic  •  Dec 2013

Nothing quite like a good short film to round out the year. “Dirty Laundry” is a smart political thriller, written & directed by Jessica Martin, a talented actress making waves in the Seattle area. Robyn got a chance to work with some of her favorite people again, Jeremy Mackie, Mike Astle, and Elizabeth Heile just to name a few. Keep an eye out for this short on the 2014 festival circuit, it’s sure to be a good one!

Escaping the Prophet

Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader  •  National Reality TV  •  Canon C300 (3 Cam)  •  Oct – Nov 2013
3 C300 Cameras

Screaming Flea, who you might know as the producer of such reality hits as Hoarders and Sell This House, was feeling especially ambitious when they undertook this show about Flora Jessop, who helps women and children escape from one of the most dangerous polygamist cults in America, the FLDS.

This 3-camera shoot definitely needed a media manager like Robyn. The first episode is airing in January 2014, and Robyn went above and beyond (like usual) by arranging hard drive transportation logistics and by creating detailed video logs to help Screaming Flea’s assistant editors get the footage ingested fast. The show also had only 2 camera assistants (for all three cameras!), so Robyn helped the camera team by making sure all the camera batteries were fully charged and ready to go whenever they needed them.

In addition to using their standard in-house crew, Screaming Flea also hired a plethora of Seattle crew, including Robyn, who usually work in shorts and feature films and the result is something a lot more beautiful than your average reality TV show. Screaming Flea was lucky to have Robyn on board and she was proud to be a part of it!

The Architect

Marco Scaringi  •  Production Secretary  •  Feature Film  •  Oct – Nov 2013
Behind the scenes on The Architect

Even though The Hollow One made Marco start late on this show, the production office staff on The Architect were very happy to have him on board. Although Marco has more advanced production office experience (such as APOC and even production manager), he knows that shows like this just means he’s getting an opportunity to be the world’s best office PA – getting ahead of the game on SAG contracts, doing runs like crazy, and just generally finishing tasks before anyone needs to ask about them. The Architect stars Parkey Posey and Eric McCormack, and is scheduled to be released in 2014.

The Hollow One

The Darker Path Logo
Robyn Scaringi  •  Script Supervisor, Asst Accountant
Marco Scaringi  •  Production Coordinator
Feature Film  •  Red Epic  •  Sept – Oct 2013

Just in time for the end of summer, Marco and Robyn get to work together on another feature, and a horror one to boot! The Hollow One (originally titled Darker Path) is about a pair of sisters who return to their hometown years after a tragic car accident killed their mother, only to find a sinister demon has taken over the entire town. Creepy! The producers for this show have most of their background in the video game industry, so it was very interesting discovering how the two industries overlap. So don’t miss this one, it’s sure to be a thrilling treat!

Console Wars

Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader/Media Manager  •  Documentary  •  2 Cam Red Scarlet  •  August 2013
Robyn's DIT set up for Console Wars

The Seattle area is the heart and headquarters of several video game companies, including Nintendo and Xbox/Microsoft, so if you’re going to make a documentary about video games, odds are you’re going to shoot some footage in the Pacific Northwest. And as any documentary filmmaker can tell you, long interviews + 2 cameras = lots of footage, so it was a good thing they hired Robyn to wrangle all their media. The small crew ended up shooting their interviews in the very lovely homes of some high-up video game executives, and it was nice to have plenty of space to set up DIT for a change. This documentary has some big name backers from LA, so be sure to watch out for it on the festival circuit in 2014.

Minimum Wage

Marco slating in front of his motel

Marco Scaringi  •  Best Boy Grip Dayplayer
Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader/Media Manager
Narrative Short  •  Red Epic  •  August 2013

Good script, solid crew, and talented actors – that’s pretty much what you need to make a good film, and this short has all three. Minimum Wage (originally named Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel, which gets its name from a Desperados Under the Eaves song lyric), is about a hard-on-her luck cocktail waitress who finally finds a reason to start turning her life around. This film has some good connections to some of Seattle’s best producers and directors, including Lacey Leavitt and Lynn Shelton, so keep an eye out for this one, it’s definitely going places.


Robyn Scaringi  •  Asst Editor, Avid  •  Commercial  •  Multi-cam, Arri Alexa, Canon C300  •  August 2013
Lustre Logo

Robyn signed a non-disclosure agreement so we can’t tell you too much about what she worked on, but suffice it to say that a major company hired Lustre (who hired Robyn) to work on a campaign for a popular product, and there was A LOT of footage to sort through.

Robyn was hired as a swing-shift assistant editor, meaning there was so much footage they needed someone to subclip and organize footage throughout the night. One of Robyn’s favorite evenings involved her jumping between 6 different computers, verifying that transcodes were running successfully. Unappealing to some, but adventures like these just make Robyn’s day, or night as the case may be.

The Bond

Marco Scaringi  •  Production Manager
Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader/Media Manager
Narrative Short  •  Red Epic  •  July 2013

Robyn and Marco had the pleasure of working on another show together, this time on The Bond, which was written and directed by one of Seattle’s best AD’s, Bryan Campbell. The Bond is a dramatic piece about a man who secretly sells his wife’s savings bond in hopes of making a profit by investing in the Dinar, the Iraqi currency. Robyn and Marco got to work with some great Seattle crew, as usual, including Lacee Kloze, Regan MacStravic, and Andy Spletzer. Keep an eye out for The Bond on the festival circuit in 2014.

Top Gear

Marco Scaringi  •  Production Assistant  •  National Reality TV  •  June/July 2013
Top Gear Logo

Marco has been working on Top Gear over the summer, causing many of his friends to turn green with jealously, especially since the show was filming races with famous race car driver, Tanner Foust. Marco ended up being so valuable to the Seattle Top Gear crew that the production opted to put him up in a hotel when the show moved to Idaho for a week, and Marco had the pleasure of earning his first ever per diem. Very nice! Be sure to catch the show on the History Channel.

Seven Minutes

All the film incentive documents for Seven Minutes
Robyn Scaringi  •  Asst Production Accountant
Marco Scaringi  •  APOC
Union Feature Film  •  April – July 2013

Wow! The first union feature film that both of the Scaringi’s worked on, and in major roles to boot! Marco had the pleasure of being hired as an Office PA, and then getting promoted to Assistant Production Office Coordinator (APOC), once his awesomeness was truly discovered. And Robyn worked knee deep in film production payroll for most of the show. In post, she drew up and organized documents for the Washington Filmworks film incentive, no easy task by any means. It’s a good thing Seven Minutes had the Scaringi’s on their side, without them, you wouldn’t be able to see it in a theater near you some time in 2014.

Fu Lu Shou (The Three Stars)

Marco Scaringi  •  2nd Asst Director  •  Narrative Short  •  Sony F5  •  April 2013
Still from Fu Lu Shou

Marco busted his hump to help make sure the SIFF Fly Film that he worked on went smoothly. In addition to the standard 2nd AD duties, Marco also assisted with casting, filled out SAG paperwork, and helped with a bunch of logistics. In the end, director Ben Andrews made a fantastic film, which premiered at SIFF 2013. Check out the final film on vimeo.


Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager  •  Web Series Pilot  •  2 Camera Canon 5D  •  April 2013
Rocketmen Behind the Scenes

Robyn got to work with some of her favorite actors on Rocketmen, Conner Marx and Basil Harris, who passionately kissed while floating mid air as part of the film’s story, a la Rocketeer.

Robyn spent the majority of her time offloading mags one floor below the rooftop where most of the show was shot, listening to Basil and Shawn Shelton (one of Seattle’s best make-up/hair people) talk about how much they loved their respective kids.

Rocketmen has been turning a lot of heads since it won back-to-back Seattle film funding awards: a 4Culture grant and funding from the inaugural Washington Filmworks Innovation Lab.

The Only Time We Have

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager, Asst Editor  •  Experimental Short  •  Sony F5  •  April 2013
Still from The Only Time We Have

The second of Robyn’s SIFF Fly Films, The Only Time We Have was directed by Seattle editor, Amy Enser, who also edited This is Ours. Robyn knew most of the (fantastic) crew going in on this film, which shot mostly inside a condemned house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Cinematographer Ty Migota ended up shooting a beautiful and dreamy film, which premiered, along with the full Fly Film line-up, at SIFF 2013.

Ten Years Later

Marco Scaringi  •  Production Manager  •  Narrative Short  •  RED Scarlet  •  April 2013
Ten Years Later

As part of the preparation for their next feature film, titled Ashland, Kris & Lindy Boustedt wrote & directed a short film, Ten Years Later, that takes place in the same universe as the feature. It gives the cold-hearted backstory of one of the feature’s villainous characters, Alice. While working together on This is Ours, the Boustedts could see that Marco had a lot more to offer than AC’ing and gripping, so they quickly snatched Marco up to be their production manager this time around. Marco was able to help them with a lot of the pre-production, and while they were filming, he made sure everything ran smoothly behind the scenes.

Seattle Stock Footage

Marco Scaringi  •  Camera Op, Producer
Robyn Scaringi  •  DIT, Editor
Stock Footage  •  Canon T3i, Canon 5D  •  April 2013

Marco and Robyn are now the proud owners of a brand new DSLR camera: the Canon Rebel T3i. And what better way to break in a new camera than to shoot some stock footage? Scaringi Films teamed up with Lionel Flynn of LionSky Productions to film some of Seattle’s most scenic locales. From the sunrise at Alki to the barges at the Ballard Locks, the gang got some beautiful footage that will have countless uses for both themselves and the rest of the world. Watch the video above for a taste of some of the awesome footage they managed to get and visit our stock footage page to watch it all.

Two Friends, True Friends

The Sony F5 on the set of Two Friends, True Friends
Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager, Script Supervisor
Narrative Short  •  Sony F5  •  March 2013

It’s that time of year again: time for the SIFF Fly Films, and “Two Friends, True Friends” is the first of two of them that Robyn worked on (there are 4 total). This film, which was directed and co-written by Lulu Gargiulo, is about the friendship between an elderly man and his nursing home caretaker. This was Robyn’s first time working with the F5, which used a new Sony codec called XAVC, meaning that most computers couldn’t read the movie files that this camera created. Luckily, Robyn and Cindy Sangster, the film’s editor, figured out the best workflow (transcoding through DaVinci Resolve, a color correction software, of all things!), and post-production went smoothly. Be sure to check out the line-up at SIFF 2013 for all the Fly Film screenings.

The Assurance

Marco Scaringi  •  1st Assistant Camera
Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader/Media manager
Narrative short & Training video  •  RED Scarlet, Canon 7D, Panasonic GH2  •  March 2013
Behind the scenes on The Assurance

Robyn and Marco got a chance to work with Chad Perkins again, who you might remember as the DP from “I Love You Puppet Man.” Perkins has made a name for himself writing how-to books about Adobe After Effects and creating tutorials for lynda.com. Perkins recently made a tutorial on DSLR filmmaking, and due to popular demand, he’s expanding his educational training videos to include a “How to Make a Short Film” tutorial for lynda.com. The result was The Assurance, a Gothic fantasy short film that Perkins wrote and directed — and shot extensive behind-the-scenes footage for. Robyn had fun wrangling all the data from the main camera (Scarlet), and the two behind-the-scenes cameras (7D, GH2), and Marco had fun pulling some mad focus on the Red. To see more lynda.com videos featuring Chad Perkins, go here.


Marco Scaringi  •  Grip, Camera Asst  •  Promo Videos  •  March 2013

Marco got a chance to work with an old high school friend, Ari Shapiro, when Jameson hired Dauber Art Photography (now AShapiro Studios) to make some specialty mixology videos. Marco and Ari visited several bars and restaurants around the Seattle area and filmed bartenders demonstrating how to mix various Jameson-based cocktails. Marco helped as grip and camera assistant, and Ari, who also has a background as a whiskey connoisseur, shot and cut the videos.


Marco ADing on the One.org PSA
Marco Scaringi  •  Co-producer, Assistant Director
Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager
PSA  •  Arri Alexa  •  February 2013

Marco and Robyn got a chance to work together again, this time on a public service announcement for one.org, a not-for-profit organization that fights worldwide poverty. This project was especially cool because the Scaringi’s got to work with today’s “it” camera for big-budget films, the Arri Alexa. They snagged the popular camera thanks to director Brian Overholt‘s connections at Koerner, one of the top camera rental houses in Seattle. Marco also got to experience the joy of rescheduling an entire shoot, including child actors and dozens of extras, due to bad weather. To see the final finished video, go here.


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