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What Light

Robyn Scaringi  •  Script Supervisor  •  Canon 5D  •  November/December 2010

Director Tom McIntire talks with Robyn on the set of What Light, photo by Regan MacStravic

Robyn was so glad to get back into script supervising lately because it feeds into her obsessive compulsive nature quite nicely. In November and December of 2010, she worked with fellow EDGE graduate, Tom McIntire, on a short film he wrote and directed called What Light. The Shakespeare-inspired film was shot on a Canon 5D, and had some of Seattle’s finest working on the crew. Robyn was also lucky enough to work with Eyes in the Dark actors Telisa Steen and Ernie Joseph for the film as well. For more information, check out the official website.

Ab Slammers!

Robyn Scaringi  •  Producer, Editor
Marco Scaringi  •  Executive Producer
Mock Infomercial  •  Canon 5D/Panasonic HPX  •  November/December 2010

Rounding out our 2010, we teamed up with some of Robyn’s best friends from film school to make this mock infomercial for the Grassroots infomercial contest. The video won the contest, of course. For more info, check out the Ab Slammers! page.

“Away” Music Video

Marco Scaringi  •  Director
Robyn Scaringi  •  Asst Director, Editor
Music Video  •  Sony HDR-FX1  •  September 2010

Just in time for the Eyes in the Dark screening at the Local Sightings Film Festival, we finished the final edit of the official Eyes in the Dark music video tie-in, featuring the song “Away” by Seattle band S.Y.F.T.

The hard rock song plays during the final credits of Eyes in the Dark, and the music video contains both original footage and selected clips from the movie. The video required some special effects work, and most of the background eyes had to be added in post. The music video was a labor of love for all involved, and it’s been met with wide approval from both Eyes in the Dark fans and S.Y.F.T. fans alike.

Sno-Isle Libraries

Robyn Scaringi  •  Editor  •  Corporate Videos  •  Sony HDR-FX1  •  June/July 2010

Robyn recently finished editing nine tutorial/testimonial videos for the Sno-Isle Library System. The videos show the many electronic resources that are available to Sno-Isle library users.

Robyn teamed up with Emerald City Pictures producer/director Bjorn Anderson, and fellow SCCC alum Lionel Flynn to complete the project. So far, several library users have commented on how well-made the videos are, including one person in particular:

These are well-lit, well-recorded, and relatively ambitious in the number of settings, camera set-ups, mix of screen captures, and so on. And 9 of them?!? I’m impressed. Way to go and congrats!

-Scott Pinzon, Sno-Isle Library User

The above video, about the timely e-resource, the Job & Career Accelerator, is the 5th of the 9 videos.

SIFF 2010

Robyn Scaringi  •  Editor  •  May/June 2010

siff logo siff 2010 logo siff inside out logo

Robyn recently wrapped up work at the Seattle International Film Festival, editing for their web-based media production arm, SIFFtv. Robyn was in charge of ingesting and re-encoding the massive number of movie trailers the festival received, and making them playable on the web, on DVD, and for projection during the festival. Robyn also assisted in subtitling some of the festival’s foreign language film trailers. SIFF’s 2010 festival ran from May 20 to June 13.

In addition to encoding trailers, Robyn also edited promotional videos for the festival. One in particular included an interview with Edward Norton after a screening of his recent film, Leaves of Grass. The original interview was over an hour and a half long; Robyn’s 12 minute edited version is below.

Robyn also created several other videos featuring Norton for the festival as well. For another example of Robyn’s work at SIFFtv, be sure to check out the SIFF 2010 Opening Night Gala highlight video, here. To learn more about the festival, visit the official SIFF website.

Secret Sherry Society

Robyn Scaringi  •  Editor  •  Award Video Submission  •  February 2010

Made for the advertising company, Creature, to submit to advertising award show competitions. The video is about the re-branding of the Spanish wine, sherry.

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