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Scaringi Films has a Facebook page? Awesome! We regularly update it with info about films we’ve worked on, so don’t forget to ‘Like’ us. And tell your friends to ‘Like’ us too! C’mon, all the kids are doing it!

Scaringi Films T-shirts – On Sale Now!
The people have spoken and the Scaringi’s have answered! Thanks to our affiliate at CafePress, now you can finally own your very own Scaringi Films T-shirt and drive all your friends mad with jealousy. Marco and Robyn both wear theirs on the set all the time, and are always told how cool they are. And for just $15 bucks, you should probably buy 2: one for everyday, and one for Sunday best!

Blog Article – The Least You Can Do
In May 2012, Robyn wrote an article for the blog Dilettante Douchebag, where she gripes about how bad producers mistreat their unpaid crew. Give it a read here, but be warned: she doesn’t pull any punches and she even uses a few curse words. The audacity!


Stock Footage
What? You didn’t know about all the cool, sexy Seattle stock footage the Scaringi’s made? You should check it out now before your mom discovers your ignorance and scolds you!

Eyes in the Dark
Did you know that one of the first films Robyn and Marco ever produced was a Blair Witch style horror feature called Eyes in the Dark? They both had a zillion crew roles in the movie, and Marco even played The Beast and got to gobble up a bunch of drunk college kids! Click the link to relish in the low-budget horror movie-ness of it all!

KUOW logoIn March 2010, Robyn and Marco were interviewed by KUOW’s Amy Radil about Eyes in the Dark, and how the Recession can give people more time to spend working on creative projects. To listen to the story or read the transcript, go here.

All the Fonts for Final Cut Pro!

Screen capture from the all-the-fonts project
With today’s flashy graphics and hi-tech video, it’s easy to forget the importance of selecting a good font for your movie ahead of time. And let’s be honest: the last thing you want to do is waste time mucking through fonts.

So Robyn has created a project that contains all the fonts in Final Cut Pro (version 6.0.6). This project contains a single sequence with text for all the 200+ fonts that Final Cut has to offer. Simply open the project in FCP, hit the up and down keys to review the fonts, and find the perfect font in seconds! And I’m offering this project free to fans of Scaringi Films (that’s you!). Just click this link to download the project. For Safari users, control click and select “Download Linked File As” to download the project. If Safari prompts you save it as a plain text document, click “Don’t append.” The file name should end with .fcp

Happy font hunting!