Scaringi Films came into being in the summer of 2009 as a small post-production company, specializing in video editing and editing support services. In late 2011, Scaringi Films blossomed into a slightly less small production company, with more developed production and pre-production capabilities.

Today, Scaringi Films is a 2-person operation with husband and wife team, Marco and Robyn Scaringi at the helm. Robyn specializes in editing support services like media managing, script supervising, and assistant editing (and she’s been known to chip in on accounting too), and Marco is the logistics guy with skills ranging from producer and production manager down to APOC and production secretary. Scaringi Films operates independently as a production company, and Robyn and Marco frequently work individually as crew on a variety of film productions throughout the greater Seattle area.

If you’re looking for an extremely expensive, overpriced, high-end production, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for something small, but that doesn’t look cheap, then we might be the people you’re looking for.


Robyn and Marco met where all filmmakers who don’t yet know they’re filmmakers meet — at a retail video store where they both worked. Their relationship started like a romantic comedy — at first they hated each other. But after Robyn turned 21, she magically became much more easy-going, and a friendship quickly emerged. Love and marriage came on the heels of new jobs they both got in the mortgage industry, an industry they both eventually swore off in order to go to film school. And the rest, as they say, is history.

KUOW, the Seattle NPR affiliate, did a story about Robyn and Marco in March 2010. To listen to it go here.

Robyn Bio

Robyn on the set hosting the SCCtv show, ResourceIt was an interesting journey for Robyn, discovering her passion for working in film and television. In high school, she thought it might’ve been book editing that she wanted to do. She ended up editing her senior class high school chapbook, and then went on to major in English at the University of Washington.

Her last quarter at the UW, Robyn took a class studying independent film and found what she was really looking for: filmmaking. The same quarter, she took an English class that studied ‘animality’ in literature. It inspired her to become a vegetarian and she has been one ever since.

Before returning to school, Robyn found a new love: Marco. They were married in the fall of 2005 and soon bought a house together. Marco also shared Robyn’s interest in filmmaking, and he collaborated with her on several filmmaking projects as an actor, producer, and director.

Fast forward to a couple years later, Robyn made it back to school, this time to study film. By the time she graduated, she was already half-way done editing her first feature film, a fun little found-footage style horror film called Eyes in the Dark.

Since then, Robyn’s niche has focused on support services for editors like media managing and script supervising. Her true passion is narrative fiction and she has been known to give well beyond the call of duty for projects that truly deserve it. If you have a project that might interest Robyn, please feel free to get in touch.

Robyn’s DIT/Digital Loader filmography and resume.
Robyn’s Script Supervisor filmography and resume.
Robyn’s Assistant Editor filmography.
Robyn’s Production Accounting resume.

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Marco Bio

picture of Marco

Marco has always had a passion for movies, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. In high school he developed a love for acting and went on to study Theatre at Seattle Pacific University. At SPU, Marco mastered several theatrical skills that he would later apply to cinema: lighting, directing, writing, set construction and acting. After graduating with a BA in Theatre, Marco wrote and directed the highly acclaimed short play “Reality Check.”

In 2008, Marco began working with Emerald City Pictures with his wife Robyn where he was able to apply his jack-of-all-trades knowledge to help produce the found-footage horror film Eyes in the Dark. Marco also acted as Music Coordinator on the film and eventually directed the Eyes in the Dark music video, “Away” for the band S.Y.F.T. For the 48 Hour Film Project, in 2010, Marco co-wrote the award winning short Fingerphilia and in 2011 produced Happy Monday.

Soon, Marco decided that filmmaking was no longer just a hobby, but should be his full time career. In the spring of 2011, Marco enrolled at Shoreline Community College to earn a degree in Digital Filmmaking. That summer, he worked as an intern on the feature films, Safety Not Guaranteed (Sundance) and Fat Kid Rules the World (SXSW) and as the 2nd AC for This is Ours. Marco has been working full time in film production ever since.

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