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Scaringi Films is made up of husband and wife team, Marco & Robyn Scaringi, providing production leadership and support services in all aspects of film production. And they’ve been known to create their own original film content from time to time as well.
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PebbleBee Honey

Marco Scaringi  •  Producer  •  Commercial  •  September 2015

Marco teamed up with some of his dear (and very talented) friends, Lionel Flynn and Olin Padilla. This fun and silly commercial advertised the bluetooth tracker and sensor, the PebbleBee Honey, and also starred another dear friend of the Scaringi’s, Cassandra Henry. Don’t be a loser, check out the final video above!

Organ Trail

Marco Scaringi  •  Line Producer  •  Commercial  •  August 2015

Marco got to work with Imagos again doing what they do best – sweet video game tie-ins. And nothing says video games quite like the classic educational game Oregon Trail, which was long overdue for a good old-fashioned spoof… Enter: Organ Trail, a zombie parody of the much-loved game from our childhoods. And thanks to Marco and Imagos and one awesome commercial, the world can know all about it. Be sure to watch the hilarious zombie adventure here.

Pepsi / Marshawn Lynch

Marco Scaringi  •  Office Production Assistant/Production Coordinator  •  Commercial  •  August 2015

This fun commercial starred NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch as Pepsi’s unlikely spokesperson. Although Marco worked as a PA during the first few days, he was promoted to Production Coordinator during wrap when the regular coordinator had to leave early. You can always count on Marco in a pinch! Be sure to check out the final commercial above.

Danger Diva

Marco Scaringi  •  Media Manager
Robyn Scaringi  •  Key Media Manager
Narrative Feature Film  •  2 Cam Red Epic, Scarlet  •  August 2015

Robyn was finishing up Rugged Justice when Danger Diva started, so Marco graciously offered to fill the roll of media manager for Robyn during the first week of shooting. Danger Diva, which blends the genres of musical and science fiction, stars Seattle supergroup, Thunderpussy, and was written and directed by Robert McGinley. McGinley is known for directing the cult favorite Shredder Orpheus, and Danger Diva is already well on its way to cult fandom. For more info, check out the Danger Diva website and Facebook page.

King of Hearts

Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader  •  Narrative Short  •  Black Magic Cinema Camera  •  July 2015

It’s not often that Robyn goes out of her way to work for free on a project, but when Robyn chanced upon the Kickstarter for King of Hearts, she knew she wanted to be a part of this project. The film revealed a snippet of the life of Ted Bundy, notorious Pacific Northwest serial killer, as told from the perspective of his girlfriend, Cass. Robyn was especially interested in working on this one because she’s always had a strange fascination for serial killers, especially ones who went to the same college as her, the University of Washington. Principal photography for King of Hearts was shot in Dante’s, one of Bundy’s favorite hang-outs, which still has the feel of a creepy 70’s dive bar. Be sure to watch for updates on the King of Hearts Facebook page.

Music of the Spheres

Marco Scaringi  •  Production Manager  •  Web Series  •  V360 Camera  •  July 2015

Sci-fi web series Music of the Spheres tells the story of Angela, a philosophy grad student, as she searches through time and space for her missing sister. Marco went above and beyond on this show, as usual, arranging for logistics, hiring crew, scheduling shoot days, and fulfilling SAG requirements. He even offered up the Scaringi’s own home as a shooting location. Be sure to check out the full Music of the Spheres story on its website, wheresangela.com.


Rugged Justice

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager  •  Reality TV
MultiCam: Sony PXW, GoPro, A7s, Canon 6D
April – August 2015

Robyn likes to joke that Rugged Justice is an 80’s action movie starring Steven Seagal as a cop who plays by his own rules. But really, Rugged Justice is a docu-series that follows Fish and Wildlife Police all over Washington state.

This was Robyn’s first time media managing for an entire season of reality TV, and she’s gotta say, it’s a lot different from her largely narrative production experience. Usually on a feature or short, the media manager will be near the set and dump footage piecemeal throughout the day. But with several camera crews out across the “rugged” terrain of Washington state, having the data wrangler tag along just didn’t make sense. Robyn took care of all of the footage at the end of the crew’s work day, which made for some long nights for Robyn, but she didn’t mind. She had the advantage of seeing the beauty of Washington state from the comfort of an air conditioned hotel room, which is a pretty nice way to travel.

This was also Robyn’s first time transcoding AMA linked footage with Avid, but after 5 months of it, she could do it in her sleep! Overall, Shark Teeth Films and the Rugged Justice crew were a pleasure to work with. So, don’t forget to check out the second season of Rugged Justice on Animal Planet.

NextVR & PGA US Open

Marco Scaringi  •  Production Coordinator  •  Live Broadcast  •  Red 360 VR Cam  •  June 2015


Marco had the pleasure of working on the first live multi-cam broadcast of a 360 degree, virtual reality presentation. And although it was only broadcast to select people and companies who had VR headsets, Marco definitely felt the presence of the dawn of new media at this major golfing event.

Be sure to keep an eye on NextVR, they are definitely going to be hitting major strides once the film production industry catches up with their virtual reality capabilities!

Last Man Standing in the Delta

Marco Scaringi  •  Media Manager  •  Documentary Feature Film  •  MultiCam Canon 5D  •  June 2015

While media managing isn’t usually Marco’s specialty, he was still happy to step up and help out with this interesting documentary about blues artist CeDell Davis. The filmmakers recorded a live performance by Davis and other legendary musicians to a sold-out show in Seattle’s famous music venue The Crocodile. Be sure to keep an eye out for this documentary on the 2016/2017 festival circuit.


Special Olympics

Robyn Scaringi  •  Digital Loader  •  PSA  •  RED  •  April 2015

It’s always nice to take a moment away from the hubbub of the indie film scene and work on a public service announcement, especially when it’s for something like the Special Olympics. This was Robyn’s first time working with Zita Mazzola, one of the best production supervisors in Seattle. This show was a wonderful opportunity to work with a great crew and some really awesome kids. Be sure to check out the Special Olympics website for more information.


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