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Scaringi Films is made up of husband and wife team, Marco & Robyn Scaringi, providing production leadership and support services in all aspects of film production. And they’ve been known to create their own original film content from time to time as well.
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Holiday Hell

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager, Asst Editor  •  narrative feature  •  Canon C300  •  April 2017

Robyn has a soft spot in her heart for independent horror films, ever since her first feature film, Eyes in the Dark. So when producer/director Jeff Ferrell asked her to sync and media manage his latest horror feature, Holiday Hell, Robyn couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The film stars Jeffrey Combs, who Robyn recognized from Star Trek DS9 (because she’s a nerd), but who most horror fans will remember from Re-Animator. This was Robyn’s second time working with Ferrell, the first time was as a script supervisor on Dead West. Holiday Hell is Ferrell’s third feature film, and certainly not the last!


Robyn Scaringi  •  Script Supervisor (DayPlay)  •  narrative feature  •  January 2017

Sadie is an independent feature film about a young girl dealing with her absent military father and her struggle to adapt to family life without him. This film was a real treat for Robyn because she got to cover for one of Seattle/Portland’s best script supervisors, Cheryl Cowan. Not only that, but this was also Robyn’s first time working with one of Seattle’s best directors, Megan Griffiths. A great production for female filmmakers through and through! Be sure to check out the film on their website.

Real World, Season 32

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager
Marco Scaringi  •  Production Coordinator  •  Reality TV  •  Multi-cam  •  June – Sept 2016

The Scaringis both got to do what they do best when the Real World came to Seattle to shoot their 32nd season. Marco handled logistics for a 50-person crew, including finding affordable crew parking in Capitol Hill and hiring the majority of the PA staff. And Robyn was in charge of organizing terabytes of media every day, and got to train an entire department (well, 3 people) on how to media manage for a reality show that shoots around the clock. Things definitely got real! Be sure to check out the Real World on MTV.

JourneyQuest 3

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager, Asst Editor
Marco Scaringi  •  2nd AD (DayPlay)
web TV series  •  RED  •  April 2016

Robyn dayplayed as media manager, and when she dropped a few hints about how she’d love to sync sound and organize the editing project in Premiere, the producers found the money, and hired her to do just that. And Marco saved their butts by covering a day when their regular 2nd AD couldn’t make it. The producers really liked having the Scaringi’s around for this season of JourneyQuest!

For those of you who don’t know the phenomenon that is Zombie Orpheus’ JourneyQuest, stop what you’re doing and watch the first two seasons right now! Robyn & Marco have been such fans of the show, they’ve been waiting for their chance to actually work on it. Here’s to both Scaringi’s working on tons of future Zombie Orpheus productions!


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