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Scaringi Films is made up of husband and wife team, Marco & Robyn Scaringi, providing production leadership and support services in all aspects of film production. And they’ve been known to create their own original film content from time to time as well.
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Forbidden Power

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager/Asst Editor
narrative feature  •  2 cam: Red, Canon C300  •  Aug – Sept 2017

Forbidden Power, written and directed by Paul Kyriazi, is an action scifi film about a man who’s character gets tested by the temptation of power. Kyriazi teamed up with an old film school buddy to make the film, Conrad Denke, who just happens to be the owner and operator of Victory Studios here in Seattle. Robyn also got to work with an old film school friend – the very talented Lionel Flynn, who DP’d the film. Robyn always loves working with Lionel, especially when she gets to data wrangle for multiple cameras, sync sound, organize an editing project in Premiere CC, AND email reference stills for the crew. Paul Kyriazi is also known for directing the cult favorites Death Machines and Omega Cop, and Forbidden Power is well on its way to similar cult fandom.


Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager  •  web promos  •  Arri Amira  •  August 2017

New mothers like Robyn love shopping on Zulily, so when Watts Media contacted Robyn to work on some promos for the Seattle-based online retailer, she jumped at the chance. It was great to work in a comfortable studio at the Zulily headquarters, where Robyn got a sneak peak at some cute kids clothes from the online retailer. And Robyn always loves organizing ProRes media from the Amira with its straight-forward file structure. It was an all-around good shoot, so be sure to check out the latest from Watts Media and, of course, the flash sales on Zulily.

Grey’s Anatomy, Seas 14

Marco Scaringi  •  Assistant Coordinator (Seattle Unit)  •  network tv  •  July 2017

Although Grey’s Anatomy takes place in Seattle, only a small part of the show is actually shot in Seattle. So when the cast of Grey’s Anatomy came to Seattle to shoot some important exterior scenes, the show’s Seattle production coordinator, Zita Mazzola, contacted Marco to help her run the production office. It’s always a treat to work with Zita, especially on a big union show like Grey’s Anatomy, and Marco had a lot of fun handling logistics and helping make the show go smoothly. Be sure to check out the 14th season on ABC.


Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager  •  narrative feature  •  2 Camera Red  •  May-July 2017

Films as good as Shep Films Prospect are a rarity, not just in Seattle, but everywhere. Robyn met several people on the show who had approached Shep asking for a job, Shep had given them a chance and hired them on smaller projects, and now they were part of the core Shep crew. Let me tell you: this is not the typical way people get into the film industry! The kindness, intelligence, skill, and dedication of the Shep above-the-line team – especially director/DP Zeek Earl and line producer Brice Budke – consistently reminded Robyn why she got into this business in the first place: to work with great people making wonderful films.

And it wasn’t just the people either; the story for Prospect is amazing too. Prospect takes place on a forest-jungle alien moon where a teenage girl, Cee, and her father are hoping to strike it rich mining for a rare gem. When bandits attack them, Cee has to grow up fast to find her way off the planet. To add to the incredible story, they shot in the beautiful Hoh rainforest in Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula, so the film is beautiful and breathtaking.

Robyn had the privilege of using her wide skill-set on this show too. She created transcoded Avid-friendly MXF files and synced dailies in DaVinci Resolve with LUTs that the DP designed. The 2 cameras shot more than 2 TB a day some days, so Robyn got to process lots of media on fun RAID arrays and SSD hard drives. She even helped the show create some LTO tapes to archive the raw footage and played a part in organizing their post-production workflow.

Prospect is based on a short film by the same name that played at SXSW, so you can get a taste for the feature now (check out this article at No Film School for the full story on creating the short). Prospect was a pleasure to work on and there’s no doubt that the final film will be unforgettable. Be sure to keep an eye on it on the Shep Films website.

Holiday Hell

Robyn Scaringi  •  Media Manager, Asst Editor  •  narrative feature  •  Canon C300  •  April 2017

Robyn has a soft spot in her heart for independent horror films, ever since her first feature film, Eyes in the Dark. So when producer/director Jeff Ferrell asked her to sync and media manage his latest horror feature, Holiday Hell, Robyn couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The film stars Jeffrey Combs, who Robyn recognized from Star Trek DS9 (because she’s a nerd), but who most horror fans will remember from Re-Animator. This was Robyn’s second time working with Ferrell, the first time was as a script supervisor on Dead West. Holiday Hell is Ferrell’s third feature film, and certainly not the last!


Robyn Scaringi  •  Script Supervisor (DayPlay)  •  narrative feature  •  January 2017

Sadie is an independent feature film about a young girl dealing with her absent military father and her struggle to adapt to family life without him. This film was a real treat for Robyn because she got to cover for one of Seattle/Portland’s best script supervisors, Cheryl Cowan. Not only that, but this was also Robyn’s first time working with one of Seattle’s best directors, Megan Griffiths. A great production for female filmmakers through and through! Be sure to check out the film on their website.


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